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Ian's fave sites this month

Ian’s fave sites this month

Can we ever get it right for climate change to be beaten? Here My attempt to talk with a CO2 denialist here. (Holding my tongue and deep listening!) Leon and I share a tip for getting more from your hydrogen tablets here A skin test to create your perfect smoothie recipe? Really? A spring loaded […]

Mitochondria Mojo: How To Boost Your Mitochondria with One Quick Exercise

Boost Your Mitochondria with One Quick Exercise.

Our body is still adapted for a life and death struggle between predator and prey. Some fitness “experts” still deny this primal truth. They still have you doing long, drawn-out sessions of cardio.

Drink Your Way To Slim

Drink Your Way To Slim

Yes, we know. Shedding kilos can be a tough process. And yet.. what if there was a simple habit that makes it easier? It’s just too simple. Cut out sharing your dinner table with shakes and juices,! Opt for plain water. Yes, you heard, WATER.