We’re the AlkaWay team. We’re all about Alkaline, Hydrogen Water, Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Lifestyle.

We have designed, manufactured and distributed Alkaline Water and Alkaline Diet products for over 17 years.

In 2013 we launched our own invention, The UltraStream.

The beauty and magic of the UltraStream are that it works exactly like nature – it filters, alkalises and naturally energizes water, returning it to its natural pristine state. It works simply, like a natural aquifer, needing no electricity. It produces no waste water and gives you about 3 times more molecular hydrogen than electrical gadgets 5 times the price.

In Canada, we’ve teamed up with Best Water Canada, one of the world’s premier retailers and wholesalers of water ionizers.

Their staff has been in the water business for over 12 years.

Thousands of customers in many countries rely on Best Water for their excellent service, high-quality products, and competitive prices. 

In fact, here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“You have helped me with great care. Your patience with me made it easy for me to make this purchase.”

Cynthia Edwards LMT

“Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service you provided…the company and customers are certainly in good hands.”

Nicole Daruda

One of the reasons we’ve achieved such customer satisfaction is by ensuring that the water ionizer you choose will fit your needs. We’re attentive to the quality of your source water and can help you with special contaminant needs you may have. We make sure that this lifetime solution will work just right for you.

When we first became aware of the benefits of water ionization and alkaline water, our research convinced of the value of AlkaWay’s water ionizers and Alkalisers. And now we are passionate! We strongly believe that there isn’t a better water ionizer and alkaline unit available “The UltraStream”.

The UltraStream is the worlds most advanced Water filter unit. It purifies, alkalizes, ionizes and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen. And… it’s extremely affordable!

We love feedback on our website and products. We’ve grown and prospered for over 17 years because we have listened to our biggest supporters; our customers.

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The UltraStream.

It’s not just what it takes out but what it puts back in that matters…

The UltraStream is the worlds most advanced Water filter unit. It purifies, alkalizes, ionizes and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen. And… it’s extremely affordable!

The UltraStream Undersink Bundle.

All of UltraStream’s benefits and more kitchen space to create your masterpieces.

The UltraStream undersink bundle has everything you need to go under the sink to maximise your bench top space.  Designed and made in the same Californian factory, the faucet uses fail-safe anti-leak technology plus longlife ceramic washers. The instruction manual is comprehensive  and made for people without high handyman skills. And.. it looks good!

I Love H2.

Molecular Hydrogen Generating Sports Supplement.

Breakthrough technology that gives you the benefits of a $4500+ electronic water ionizer in a dissolvable tablet. I Love H2 is a unique patent-pending formula that converts regular water to hydrogen infused water. Around 3 times the molecular hydrogen per litre than in a $4500+ electronic water ionizer. An ideal intro to the many benefits of molecular hydrogen.

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