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Ian's fave sites this month

Ian’s fave sites this month

Can we ever get it right for climate change to be beaten? Here

My attempt to talk with a CO2 denialist here.
(Holding my tongue and deep listening!)

Leon and I share a tip for getting more from your hydrogen tablets here

A skin test to create your perfect smoothie recipe? Really?

A spring loaded candle Really? here.

How to feel better about scoffing chocolate (Slightly!) Here

A Byron Bay Biz with great intent, here.

Wim Hof’s Amazing Blood Alkalizing exercise.
Whatever you think of Wim Hof, he’s an amazing individual. His ability to swim in icy water, and run nonstop for days in the heat of Africa are legend. Here’s Wim’s exercise that has now been proven in University tests to alkalise the blood.