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  1. TC

    Ended up getting black instead of what was ordered

  2. A
  3. MN
  4. M

    Although we have no issues with the filter, the prices are going up every year and we may have to switch to another solution with more reasonable replacement costs.

  5. K

    The product is of the high standard I expected. However I was lucky to receive it because it was incorrectly addressed – even though I filled in delivery details correctly(!) Fortunately I had many people looking out for the delivery with me.

  6. A

    I had completely forgotten the set up rule and did not find any hints on the box about how long to run the filter. I could not work out what was wrong with our foul tasting water at first. I threw the first 2 lts but had forgotten to run it for 20 mins. Please include these details on the box more clearly. I had to do an internet search to find what was wrong. God knows what I have drunk- carbon I suspect!

  7. HH

    I certainly support the idea of reusing and thus reducing environmental load. However, to encourage people to be environmentally friendly, the price of the filter should reduced as the material costs for the overall product is reduced (no SS sleeve and cap are removed).

  8. KO

    Product looks good but as above haven’t had the chance to use it. Can’t rate it if I haven’t used it.

  9. M

    The product is excellent but I received the replacement filter without any installation instructions enclosed.