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Why coffee tastes better with UltraStream water. cover

Why coffee tastes better with UltraStream water.

What makes one coffee shop’s coffee better than another?

Latte dripping from a coffee machine

Obviously it’s the coffee used, right? And yes, that’s very personal.

But let’s assume that two coffee shops use the same coffee, and one shop’s coffee is obviously superior in taste. What’s that all about?

That’s when we have to look at the water the shop uses. A friend of mine sells and services coffee machines and I asked him. I was surprised to learn that he makes almost as much money from selling water conditioners to coffee houses as he does from selling coffee.

“Yes,” he said. “Water is everything.”

I pressed him for details.

”If you have a neutral PH, ideally the best water for coffee making has around 150 mg/L of total dissolved solids (TDS).
You're also looking for near 10 mg/L of sodium, 40 mg/L total alkalinity and no chlorine. And no, pure water isn’t the best. It doesn’t help the coffee to dissolve into water.”

“What about alkaline water?” I asked.

“The answer is yes. Magnesium and calcium minerals found in alkaline water help extract the fantastic flavours of the coffee. These minerals affect the coffee's sweetness, fruity flavours, body, and acidity.”

Let’s now look at what our UltraStream home water filter does to your water in relation to making coffee.

Firstly, it has the ability to not only remove carcinogenic chlorine, but also chloramines and the nasty byroduct of chloramines, disinfection by-products (DBPs), AKA trihalomethanes, are formed when chlorine and bromine interact with natural organic materials in water.

Although my friend didn’t mention it, it probably helps that UltraStream removes fluoride, heavy metals, lead, PFAs, bacteria, viruses and many, many more nasties – all of which certainly won’t help taste – or health!

And it also contributes to the healthy amount of total dissolved solids in the water (TDS).

And yes, UltraStream alkalinizes the water with natural calcium and magnesium. As he said, they increase its flavour.

We’ve seen demonstrations of this.
Take a hot glass of tap water and a hot glass of UltraStream water, and dunk a coffee or tea bag. You’ll see that the UltraStream water gives a darker infusion result.. which of course means more flavour!

We love coffee.
And we see it also as a component of our daily hydration. Yes, of course, we also drink UltraStream water ‘straight’ as much as we can, primarily for the molecular hydrogen infused in it direct from the spout, but also to support our storehouse of alkaline minerals in our blood, which is called upon every time we encounter acids, or an acid-producing event such as stress.

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