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The MLM Microclustering Myth Demolished

The MLM Microclustering Myth Demolished

This thread comes from the excellent Facebook group, Hydrogen Water.

Randy Sharpe, convenor is the most knowledgable and experienced person I know in the field of water ionizers and molecular hydrogen.

Here’s how it began.

Q: I have hydrogen dominant SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Will hydrogen water make it worse?

Tilt Nope … It will make it better cuz the water molecules are smaller and can seep better in the digestive indigestive intestinals.

Randy Sharpe Water molecules are not "smaller" in hydrogen water. You may be referring to the myth that ionized water changes "water cluster" size, a myth we have debunked here many times; there is no evidence that water forms "clusters" of any size.

Marie Lower surface tension has been confirmed so would it stand to reason that the smaller groups of water molecules would be easier to absorb into something like flesh? I also make sure everyone in my circle knows it will not absorb quicker into the cell. Tilt, what Randy was referring to is the cell’s aquaporin; it only allows one water molecule into a cell at a time.

Randy Sharpe Where has lower surface tension been confirmed?
Years ago we measured it with a dynamometer and could not see a difference. Surface tension is a measure of the attraction of water molecules to each other on the water's surface due to weak hydrogen bonding (Van der Waals forces), and is not a function of "cluster size" (for which there is no valid evidence).

Of course you can easily lower the surface tension of water by adding a surfactant such as dish detergent, but I wouldn't recommend drinking it

Marie It’s just interesting because you can literally feel it and we do the tea test (not to give away the brand) and it definitely is different. I’d be interested to know why if it’s not surface tension.

Randy Sharpe In the "tea demo", the water turns darker because of the high pH, not surface tension. The color change is a function of anthocyanins in the tea acting as a sort of pH Indicator. If you lower the pH of that water with acid, you can watch the color fade.

High pH water can also have different "feel", probably because it is dissolving lipids (fats) in the tissues of your mouth (similar to what the 11.5 does to oil).

Marie Oh that makes sense. Thanks Randy! I love my job. And I want to do it right! And teach other people how to do it correctly too. ERW is my passion. I am happy we can all learn and work together and introduce the entire world to the many options they have!

Randy Sharpe: I'm glad to hear that. The marketing myths surrounding alkaline water persist because they make logical sense to the uninformed and therefore sell machines. Deconstructing the myths and understanding the truth takes some understanding of…

Marie Absolutely! It drives me crazy! It's my mission to correct it. Our company has also abandoned the micro myth after it was determined to 'not be the case' People need to take it seriously and question what they are told by 'friends'. There is a lot of validity to what we have but we have to be careful to stay up to date with why!

Ian: Unfortunately, the myths used by some electrolysis water ionizers do persist because, as Randy says, they sell machines. I’m still awaiting Marie’s company to abandon the alkalizing myth. (Not holding my breath though.)