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Lead in your Drinking Water? Again?

We’ve already talked about lead in our drinking water here in Australia. Frankly, we were rather shocked at the time when the powers that be announced that up to 6% of homes in Sydney may have the problem.

When You Buy a Cheap H2 Bottle…

I just got my hydrogen water bottle in the mail and I’ve got some questions. I used spring water bought from my store and saw some bubbles. There was no smell and the water tasted just like water. I then used tap water that was filtered and saw a LOT of bubbles. After the process finished, the water smelt like pool water and had a faint taste like pool water. I’m guessing that the chlorine got separated and became gas.

Interesting Links We've Found

Interesting Links We’ve Found

I don’t know about you, but the internet has the power to surprise and inspire every day. Here’s some links I found interesting in the last month.

Want Stronger Bones? Drink Water, Dammit!

People are strange. They just won’t drink enough water. They somehow think that other liquids, especially those with some level of alcohol in them, are better than the sacred elixir that they are. They are? Yes! We are mostly water! And we use water! So Dammit, why won’t we drink enough water?

Molecular Hydrogen with Tyler LeBaron and Dr Joseph Mercola

We’ve been talking about the benefits of molecular hydrogen for around 4 years, and we have thousands of clients benefiting from our hydrogen-infusing UltraStream water alkalizer, ionizer and filter. Now this talk with Tyler leBaron and Dr Mercola just about sunms it up perfectly.

Salad Daze

Saled carze. Is it ahead of its recycling vision?

Mitochondria Mojo: How To Boost Your Mitochondria with One Quick Exercise

Mitochondria Mojo: How To Boost Your Mitochondria with One Quick Exercise

It's become pretty obvious to me that a daily workout of 45 minutes is unnatural. We were simply not designed to endure that kind of prolonged exertion… How did that fit into hunting for food? Did our ancestors do unnecessary daily workouts? Of course not! Our ancestors had to be able to accelerate to 100% […]