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Inflammation: a basic strategy for better health that makes simple sense. cover

Inflammation: a basic strategy for better health that makes simple sense.

Inflammation can be both a result and the root cause of most chronic illnesses… 

But here’s what they’re not telling you. 

Your fate doesn’t lie in the genetic cards you were dealt with. 

And your only hope isn’t automatically at the mercy of risky and expensive pharmaceuticals.

But there is arguably something much more worrying aboutt inflammation to be concerned about. 

Something that 99% of people are being exposed to everyday…

And it’s causing an uncontrollable pandemic of inflammation in the population. 

It’s invisible…

It’s everywhere… 

It’s deadly…

And it comes in 1000’s of different forms. 

It’s the insane amount of toxic chemicals being pumped into our environment right now. 

From the 6,000 gallons of air we breathe each day…

To the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the water we drink, and the cleaning products we use…

They all contain toxic chemicals, and the are (almost) al; capable of creating an inflammatory reaction in the body. 

Since the 1970s more than 87,000 chemicals have been approved for use…

But only 1,000 of those have been formally examined. 

Even worse, of those 1,000 examined, 500 have been labelled as either “known, probable, and possibly” carcinogenic.

So, when we wake up each day, hopeful for new opportunities and progress in our quest to a healthier us…

The submerged, unacknowledged reality is slowly and inexorably working to prevent our best life. It has become our ‘operating system’ by default. By the fact that we’ve done nothing to ‘CTRL ALT DELETE’ it!

We are being hit with forces and environmental toxins that literally try to kill us.

Let’s be practical about this…

All chemicals can’t be avoided… but..

There are simple shifts we can make to our daily lives that can fight back against these threats. And there’s one that so many people ignore because it seems too simple.

Support your bodies’ built-in cleaning systems to fight against toxins with the simplest, most fundamental, most 24/7 effective method.

Real and regular hydration.

Giving every single cell in your body the chance you desire: to operate at full capacity – to perform what it is designed to do.
To be given what it needs to simply, efficiently, act as the ongoing detoxifying, restorative and supportive single cell that it is!

And continually taking you closer to decreasing inflammation, maintaining healthy cells and avoiding the ultimate results of long term inflammation..

Could it be as simple as using a water filter?

There are many water filters available.

You can buy one in Costco.. in Walmart.. on the web.. but how many of them have been designed from the ground up to support full hydration rather than just remove chlorine and nasty smells?

The AlkaWay UltraStream

Check the UltraStream today and begin your own journey back to full hydration.

Wishing you abundant health,
The AlkaWay Team
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