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Hydrogen Water, Wrinkles, Zits and General Skin Health. Can it help me? cover

Hydrogen Water, Wrinkles, Zits and General Skin Health. Can it help me?

From Alex Tarnava, creator of our Ultra I LOVE H2 supplement

One of the questions we still need to answer regarding molecular hydrogen therapy is what administration method is best for each potential benefit.

Many have asked us, "What is the benefit in applying hydrogen water topically when I already drink it?"

The short answer is concentrated H2 does work on a target area.

Hydrogen has shown dose-dependent responses in vitro all the way up to a fully saturated level, a dosage impossible to administer to a living person. with current technologies (or perhaps ever). I talked about this with Tyler LeBaron during our second recorded conversation here at the 1:26:50 mark.

When you drink hydrogen water or inhale hydrogen gas, the hydrogen you are consuming will dilute throughout your entire body and your cells, and only a very small amount will reach your skin. However, when topically applied to your skin, a much higher concentration will reach the desired area. Perhaps this is why studies using topical hydrogen mediums have required much lower concentrations than the minimum therapeutic limit set by the International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA).

Anecdotally for muscle pain and even acute injuries, topical hydrogen water is much more potent than consumption. I use this method often, and many athletes using our tablets find better benefits with hydrogen baths than drinking hydrogen water. We actually have a case study on soft tissue injury under review and a full clinical trial underway for this purpose. Use in this regard will be the topic for another article, and preliminary evidence suggests a much higher concentration is needed than for skin health.

There is human evidence that topical hydrogen water will benefit skin health, although it is just preliminary. A single study suggests that hydrogen water can repress wrinkle formation in elderly subjects after 90 days of daily bathing¹. There is a reasonable explanation for this, as wrinkles are largely caused by a reduction in collagen², UV damage³ and an increase in advanced glycation end product crosslinks (AGEs)⁴⁵. One cell culture study indicated that hydrogen protects against skin ageing, by not only reducing oxidative stress but also by maintaining calcium (Ca²⁺) signaling⁶.

Double Collagen
In the previously mentioned wrinkle reduction study, cell cultures showed a two-fold increase in collagen synthesis while also protecting against UVA damage.
Further, there is evidence (in humans) that topical hydrogen water protects against UV damage by modulating gene expression, although there is supportive rodent evidence⁸. As for AGEs, a previous article of mine discussed this regarding hydrogen, specifically hydrogen water's role in inhibiting the formation of advanced glycation end-product crosslinking.

Topical hydrogen water has shown potential in other areas in early human work, such as potential cleaning effects in keratin-plugged hair pores. Keratin-plugged pores lead to blackheads and white heads⁹. Anecdotally, many have reported that when topical hydrogen is applied to acne, there is no noticeable result. However, when acne or pimples are "popped" and hydrogen water is subsequently applied, healing is significantly faster.

There is some evidence for hydrogen water increasing wound healing¹⁰¹¹, although it is preliminary and more relevant well as replicated research is needed to confirm this observation.

Finally, bathing in hydrogen water has shown to positively impact psoriasis in a recent clinical study with 41 participants¹². While promising, with a decent size for a pilot human case series with just three participants utilizing ingested hydrogen water, inhalation, and saline on a similar condition, atopic dermatitis¹³. Furthermore, evidence in rodents shows that drinking hydrogen water improves atopic dermatitis¹⁴¹⁵¹⁶. These articles give promise to people with these conditions; however, it is in no way a proven treatment.

Hydrogen water has great potential in improving skin health and bathing in hydrogen water is the most efficient administration method to get the highest concentration of molecular hydrogen to the relevant cells in your skin.

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