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Tywon's Take on H2 for Inflammation

Tywon’s Take on H2 for Inflammation

An excellent discussion of the effects of molecular hydrogen on Inflammation. Definitely worth a read for anyone (everyone?) suffering the effects of inflammation.

Kirsten's Latest Recipe for all you Alkalizers

Kirsten’s Latest Recipe for all you Alkalizers

KIRSTEN: Byron Wellness Retreats RECIPE OF THE MONTH: HALOUMI SPINACH SALAD: INGREDIENTS:250g block haloumi cheese, sliced100 g snow peas200 g broccolini50 g pinenuts4 big handfuls baby spinachsundried tomatoes, stripsbalsamic vinegarextra virgin olive oil2 ripe avocados, peeled and slicedsunflower sprouts1/2 lemon1 fresh peach, slicedfreshly ground black pepperpink salt for seasoning METHOD:Heat a frying pan and gently fry […]

The Attacking Bear and Your Health.

The Attacking Bear and Your Health.

You have staked a claim on some amazing pristine land. You plan to bring out the family as soon as you have a cabin built. You’ll plant food, hunt, fish, and you can already picture your beloved cooking dinner on the open fire in the cosy, warm cabin. There’s just one rather large problem. The bears.

Our Stupid Exhaust Fan

Most of the exhaust fans in our lives are actually part of a closed system. The detritus, pain or actions we share don’t go very far away before they turn around and head back toward us.

A Life Without Coffee?

A Life Without Coffee?

No more coffee. Cold turkey. Just as I did it when I stopped smoking years ago. Whenever I thought about drinking a coffee, I simply drank a glass of water or made myself a cup of tea instead.