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Bill’s Hydrogen Health Story

It’s now been 7 years. I am 66 years old, taken no supplements, eating clean drinking about 1.5 gal of H2 per day. I work out 6 days per week and H2 is my only recovery drink.

Calcium: The Skinny

Bones.. urely there must be much much more interesting things calcium does in the body. Not that having good bones isn’t imperative to health. Or is it? This naturopaths exposes the secret work of calcium in the body.

A New Beginning… Again!

It’s been a real problem to write a new article and have to then copy it to another website, either USA, Spain, Canada, UK, EU, Singapore, New Zealand… and so we’ve been very happy about some new software that allows me to write to you – as I am right now – and then copy it to all of our blogs worldwide, all of our facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.. even to people we really like to keep in touch with!