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– It’s our prediction that Molecular Hydrogen will be the biggest health advance this decade.

What Is Hydrogen Rich Water

AlkaWay was the first company to alert people in the West about the amazing health benefits from electronic water Ionisers from the year 2000.

Now AlkaWay is introducing Molecular Hydrogen, what we didn’t know then is that water contained molecular hydrogen which we now know was one of the key benefits of the water. So now we now have developed I LOVE H2 a way to super-charge your water with Molecular Hydrogen or H2.

H2 is the smalled molecular and is capable of infiltrating every cell of the body.

“It is not an overstatement to say that hydrogen’s impact n therapeutic and preventative medicine could be enormous in the future”
Free Radical Research

What is I LOVE H2

I Love H2 is a magnesium-based tablet dissolvable in water to create hydrogen rich water

Developed in the USA, now in Australia. I LOVE H2 is a patent pending effervescent tablet-in-a-bottle that generates high levels of molecular hydrogen.

What can you expect

Studies completed on infused molecular hydrogen indicate beneficial effects on lactic acid build up and on recovery. Other studies indicate selective antoxidant capability, inflammation support, and cell signalling enhancement. Basically ‘tuning you’ to the max, but naturally.

We can’t guarantee you’ll become a champion cyclist, racquet ball player or performance coach. But we do suggest that if you are suffering performance loss right now due to any training-related problem, to give I LOVE H2 a shot.

How does I LOVE H2 work


  • Drop a tablet into a full water bottle/Juice.
  • Tigtly seal the bottle.
  • Wait 5 minutes for the tablet to react.
  • Drink it down.

We recommend one tab in water per training session,
or as a general performance support, one per day.

We have used 2 at once for high performance training.

The Science Of H2

Molecular hydrogen is TWO atoms of hydrogen bonded together. This forms a stable molecule that can exist in water.

The large dose of hydrogen of I LOVE H2 will be used by your muscles and assist in recovering from training faster. You’ll be able to train harder and longer.

The most studied and accepted delivery system is via water. Infusion allows the H2 to be transported quickly and efficiently into the body.

Once in the body, H2 has the unique ability to penetrate every cell and unite with ‘eligible’ free radicals, plus perform all of the other functions it has been shown to possess.

In 2007 one study of the effects of molecular hydrogen was published in Nature Journal.

Today there are over 700 scientific studies either complete or in progress.

Tyler LeBaron, gymnast and biochemist, is the Western world’s foremost authority on the use of molecular hydrogen.

Tyler’s website is a font of information, with all the studies, all the science and understandable articles for us mere mortals. View his video where he discusses the future of Molecular Hydrogen.

List of Scientific studies (700+) – Learn More.


Please note that I LOVE H2 is marketed as a sports supplement and so we make no medical claims whatsoever.

“I had a bypass operation recently. I love my golf. My first game nearly killed me. My second eighteen wrecked me for 3 days after. I started I LOVE H2 and my last game I had heaps of energy and no after effects.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Molecular hydrogen (H2 ) Water is the smallest molecule and is made up of TWO atoms of hydrogen bonded together.

This forms a stable molecule that can exist in water.
Here’s a video on H2 that will satisfy science minds.

The tablet is designed so that hydrogen is created when the tablet is immersed in water. The natural acids within the tablet serve to enhance the effervescent effect.

Optimizing the H2 benefits of each tablet in water lies in your method. You can increase H2 concentration beyond the maximum possible in water at normal atmospheric level (1.6ppm) by sealing your bottle after adding the I LOVE H2.

Another small but important tip: fill the bottle to full so the H2 cannot get out of the water.

I LOVE H2 has 3 Forms of magnesium

1. Pure magnesium for maximum H2 creation ability.

2. Magnesium Malate is a combination of the mineral magnesium and malic acid. Malic acid is a naturally occurring substance that helps in the production of energy during both aerobic and anaerobic activities. Together, magnesium and malic acid provide many health-related benefits.

3. Magnesium Fumarate is a “nutrient dense” supplementary form of magnesium and an energy-rich substrate. Fumarate and has a positive effect in stressful conditions. Magnesium as a quantitative element is an essential part of animal nutrition. Fumarate is one of the key intermediates of the Krebs cycle, which contributes to efficient energy production in human physiological systems. Magnesium fumarate helps to increase body magnesium levels and thus enhance the benefits of magnesium to many areas that are concerned with energy and muscular performance. ATP is produced in the Krebs Cycle of which fumarate is one of the key intermediates. Carbohydrate, lipids and proteins cannot produce the sources of muscle contraction energy i.e., ATP, without the presence of magnesium. Thus magnesium has been intimately linked to all aspects of the body’s production of energy. As Magnesium Fumarate, both the key ingredients for energy production are concomitantly supplied to the system ensuring efficient energy production.

We have had reports of users swallowing the I LOVE H2 rather than dissolving it in water. The only side effects reported are burping H2 gas.

We do not recommend it however because the tablets are highly reactive to moisture and will generate heat as they dissolve in the stomach. By using water as the H2 medium, the heat generated in the dissolving of the tablet is dissipated in the water. To check this effect you can experiment with picking up a tablet with wet fingers.

The amount of water has an effect on two factors.

1. Taste. magnesium does have a taste, so the less water you dissolve the tablet or tablets in, the more the taste of magnesium will permeate the water. You may choose to use a juice-based product, especially because if it is high in citric acid, it will work even better in creating H2.

2. Concentration. It’s our experience that a higher dose at one time has more effect. Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the universe and enters the body freely, and leaves it just as freely. So our feedback so far is that drinking a whole bottle at one sitting may be more effective than sipping during the day (Sipping over a longer period also allows the H2 to escape and reduce).

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Other ways to get hydrogen

The UltraStream is the worlds most advanced Water filter unit. It purifies, alkalizes, ionizes and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen. And.. it’s extremely affordable!